Jewish Tribe Banu Qurayza – [Part 2]

Exactly. These “Islamic” terrorist groups are not actually following the religion of Islam.

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Islamic Scholar, Shaykh Allamah Shibli Nomani

As already related the Prophet (p), when he first settled at Medina, had patched up treaties with the Jews and guaranteed peace and full freedom of life, property and conscience. But when the Quraish wrote to them a threatening and inciting letter, they turned treacherous. The Holy Prophet (p) tried to get the treaty renewed. The Banu Nadir refused and they were banished.

The Banu Quraiza concluded a fresh treaty and they were granted peace. These facts have been narrated briefly in Sahih Muslim in the following words:

‘As reported by Abdullah Ibn Umar, the Jews of the Banu Nadir and the Quraiza fought with the Prophet (p). The Prophet (p) banished the Banu Nadir but allowed the Banu Quraiza to stay on and showed them favours.’

When the Banu Nadir had been banished, their leading chiefs, Huyayy Ibn Akhtab, Abu Rafi and Sallam…

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