I Feel for You, international student in America.


     As I mentioned earlier, my “almost fiance” is from Saudi Arabia. There is SO much paperwork to be done, and heaven forbid if someone makes a mistake. For example: Last December, the school he went to really messed him up with his scholarship, and we are STILL trying to fix this problem. His government and the American government both realize that it’s the school’s fault, but it doesn’t change the fact that we still have to do the paperwork. 

     People, if you don’t know, there are NUMEROUS forms that international students have to fill out, and NUMEROUS processes that they have to go through. I have learned so much just by being with him and helping him. I’m an American that has never traveled abroad, so I’ve never has to worry about a passport, or any of the documents that go with it. Some things I’ve learned about are: a passport, a visa (which I originally thought was the same thing), I-20, I-539, and processes for each of them. When I write it, it looks so concise, but actually doing it is another thing entirely. 

     Therefore, I feel for you, international student in America. The trouble you go through to actually get here, and the hard work you put in to actually keep everything up to date so that you can continue to study here. IT’S A LOT. It gets especially hard when you transfer schools. Kudos to you! You know things about America that the average American doesn’t know. I feel proud to have gotten all of this experience under my belt. Thank You.

Has anyone else had experiences like these? If so, let me know in the comments! Also, if anyone needs any help with these things, I will try my best to do so, because I know how tiring all of it gets. Any questions?



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