What if Islamophobia were directed at Jews?

Many people do not read the actual texts of religion, but go by what others say. It’s the easy way. However, if you look at Christian, Jewish, and Muslim holy text, there are MUCH more similarities than differences, even when the topic is killing, adultery, and blasphemy.


Islam is being targeted by many "thinkers" as a religion of violence. Islam is being targeted by many “thinkers” as a religion of violence.

Islam fear-mongering and Islamophobia have become so desensitized in American society and media that almost anyone who is called out for his or her crazed attack on an entire religion is able to hide behind the idea that it is free speech, or the “truth” that “must be said.” It is sad that actor Ben Affleck has become a symbol in this battle against this anger and hate after he spoke out against Bill Maher and Sam Harris after they spouted generalizations and Islamophobic sentiments on Real Time with Bill Maher last year.

It is time we look at how the world deals with Islam and Muslims, in America and elsewhere. Too often there is a concerted effort to attack anyone who says anything bordering on being anti-Jewish or anti-Israel. To speak out against the oppression and…

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