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Very disappointed…

Go to google, type “murder by Muslim 2016,” and you’ll get thousands of results.

Now, go to google, type “murder by [insert other religion] 2016,” yea..kinda hard to find, right?

These kind of search results make me sick. I would rather not judge the whole on the actions of a few. It’s also saying that the murders all over the world that have occurred in 2016 were either by Muslims or atheist. This is simply not the case. There are bad people in every religion. There are terrible groups in religions that claim to be following the religion. This isn’t speculation, this is fact.


Stop being sheep and following the media/masses. Research. Don’t believe everything that you read or see on TV and the internet.

Just because someone claims to be Muslim does NOT mean that they follow Islam. I am a Muslim. I have read the Quran. I am an American. My parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents, and so on (as far back as we know) are/were American. (I’m not sure where I’m originally from.) I am white. I do NOT want to kill ANYONE for ANY reason–gay, black, white, Christian, Hindu, Mexican, Purple, Yellow, Satan-worshiper, etc. I AM the majority. 

There are 1.6 billion Muslims on the Earth. If Muslims wanted to kill you, you’d know it. There would be no debate on TV about whether Islam is good or bad.

Even if there were 16,000 terrorist attacks each year, which there’s not, that would still be less than .001% of the Muslim population. Are you really going to judge 1.6 billion people on the actions of a few?




Online Photography!

So, I am adding online photography to my schedule. Of course, I am still meeting for sessions. However, most photographers only give their clients bundle deals. I would like to give people the option to only pay for one photo if they want. Right now, I am only taking cash. I am trying to look for online payment methods (like Paypal) that I can trust. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! 

Portraits can be good for a number of occasions. A present for a parent or spouse, or just to decorate your home. I will edit animals, nature, people, and anything else you may like. $6 per photo, or $10 for two!

Alexis Stone Photography

Teaching Online Classes

أحلا.  I want to start teaching/ tutoring in online classes. There are two classes that I would like to teach/tutor: English grammar/ how to write academic essays in English, and beginner’s Arabic. It would be about $5-$10 for a class on Iteachi.  I will be graduating in May of 2016, so it would be nice to get some practice in and a little pocket money on the side. If you know anyone who would be interested in either of these classes, please let me know. It would be a one on one class, unless they had a friend that wants to take it with them. It would be a buy one-get one 1/2 off deal. 

I love writing essays, and I always help the international students at my school. I really enjoy seeing people improve their language skills. I’ve always liked to write. I especially liked learning HOW to write an essay, and I think that I could make it enjoyable for others, too. 

Also, I am in love with the Arab culture and language. Of course, I also love Islam and being able to read the Quran (even though it is far far from perfect). I think that more people need to learn Arabic with everything that is happening in the world. How can you just trust the news for information about a huge group of very diverse people? The Arab language is so beautiful; I want to help people at least learn to read, speak, and write it. Even if a person doesn’t speak it fluently, he could translate and decipher articles about a subject from an Arab point of view

Any suggestions would be immensely helpful. If you know anyone that may be interested, let me know! 


Fostering Animals vs. Owning Animals

I’ve been fostering cats since April 2015. I absolutely love it. Helping an animal that has no where else to go makes your heart more full than you can imagine. If you have the ability to do it, do it. The Humane Society provides everything–food, litter, bedding, and vet. appointments. The only thing that you have to provide is your love, and trust me, they need it. I fostered one cat that was very sickly. She had been in the pet store locked up in a cage, and she got depressed. No one wanted her because she was older and sickly. She stopped eating. When I took her in, I had to give her medicine three times every day. Little by little, she started getting better. Eventually, she got a little plump, and she would prance around. You could tell that she was happy. Eventually, we found her a loving home with someone who found out she couldn’t have children. I am so lucky that I found the foster program. It filled me to the brim with joy.

However, ,the last foster kitten I had was different. He was only four weeks old, and he got separated from his mother. He was covered in fleas, and he could have died the night I got him. I started feeding him little by little, and he started to grow big and strong. He was a very rambunctious kitten. I started to train him with the leash, and he would walk outside with me. He went with us to play tennis, and he would chase the balls. Then, I put him in the basket on my bike. He loved to ride around. He was very curious about everything. My other cat loved him, and they would play together. After 3 months of having him, the humane society wanted to adopt him out. I took him back because I had to. I cried for days, and I felt depressed.I know some people will say, “He’s just a cat!” But, he meant so much to me.

Later on, I found a kitten that needed a home. He is half-Siamese, and sleeping on me right now. He is mine! I don’t know if I will foster any more. Or, maybe I will just foster older cats.

Either way, I would encourage anyone to foster! But, make sure that you don’t get too attached. It can be heart-breaking.

Here are  some pictures of the new kitten. *He is only about 6 weeks old* He has the bluest eyes, and luckily, they will stay that way.

Do any of you foster? Has it been tough? Also, PLEASE help me think of a name for him.

IMG_4655E IMG_4663E


So, I’m taking 18 hours in college, and I’m working about 25 hours every week. That’s about 43 hours, not including studying. I should be getting up early and going to bed tired everyday. But, lately I just can’t get up the energy to care. 

I should be graduating from college next May, then im getting married in June! I should be ecstatic! But I don’t know what’s wrong with me! 

I’ve been skipping class, and now it’s going to be hard to catch up. I’ve also called in to my new job TWICE! 

I’m going to try to get on the ball, but I’m just so tired of everything. I’ve been living in Georgia for 23 years now, and I want OUT! 

I’m gonna try to save up money with this job, so that I can travel this summer. I have to get excited about something. I need my spark back! I just need to find something that makes me truly happy again. 

(I can’t wait until I get my new foster kittens!) 




I don’t understand why people have to work so hard to make such a small amount of money. I am honestly sick of working. I know the world can’t be full of rainbows and soft pillows, but I know that I would make more money AND love going to work if I actually enjoyed what I do. I wish everyone could enjoy making a living. Maybe, when I finish college, I’ll finally enjoy what I do. I’ll be teaching international students English, first in America, then maybe in Bahrain. I’m just dying of boredom until then. I LOTHE working. Oh well. What do you do? Do you actually enjoy your job? Or, how do you make your job enjoyable?? Please let me know!! 



I think I may start a YouTube channel. What do you guys think? Also, what should I talk about or do? 


Debate Review: “What Was The True Faith of Jesus’ Disciples?” – Br. Ijaz Ahmad vs Rev. Steven Martins

I’m so happy that I’ve found this post. I converted to Islam last year, and this will help me explain some things to my *very unhappy* parents. Thank you.

Discover The Truth

I review a debate entitled “What Was The True Faith of Jesus’ Disciples?”

The debaters

Br. Ijaz Ahmad of Calling Christians

Rev. Steven Martins of Nicene International Ministries Canada.

I did the bulk of the review a while ago but never managed to finish it in the detail I would have liked but never got back to it through procrastination and other priorities I’ve quickly tidied up what I had and rolled it out.

“None of the Apostles could have written or sanctioned these stories about themselves” – Ijaz Ahmad

Were the Gospel Accounts eye-witness reports

Steven Martins’ approach was to draw upon the New Testament in his attempt to present what he believes the disciples believed. Steven believes the Gospels are the historical eye-witness records of  the disciples. This was rejected outright by Ijaz Ahmad who pointed out the 4 Gospels were not contemporary to Jesus p and nor…

View original post 3,459 more words

Upset about Palestine. 

I get to upset everytime I think about the Palestinian conflict. I mean, who is the UN to just give a piece of land away to a group when there are people living there? It’s like someone coming to your home and saying. “Sorry you have to leave. This was promised to me, and if you don’t comply, I’ll just force you to leave or kill you.” I watched a video of this Jewish boy standing with the Palestinians and speaking up. The Jewish police beat him and drug him to the poilice van, just for speaking his opinion at a rally. I just wish there was more that I could do. The whole situation just isn’t fair. I don’t understand how the world is letting this happen. I just don’t understand how that is HUMANLY possible. 

My Other Half

I don’t want to lose this moment, so I’ll write it. I’m just watching him sleep, and I know he has done the same to me. I’m just, happy. There is no other word to describe it. We had an amazing day, and we did nothing really out of the ordinary. Have you ever been so in love with someone, every cell in your body thinks about that other person, all the time? At the same time, if you lost them, you know you’d be just fine because you got to spend this time with him/her. I’m so in love. I want him to do more, and better. He has never once held me back from anything that I wanted or needed. And not only that, but he has always pushed me to go out and get those dreams, wants, and needs ( or he just gets them for me, like a huge cup of sweet tea most days). When we lend each other money, we don’t keep track. Because if we are looking for repayment, every kind act repays it 100 times over. 

      Oh, we fight. Sometimes like cats and dogs. We yell and say horrible things to each other, and we both regret it as soon as it leaves our tongues.  I can see it in his eyes, and hear it in his voice. We don’t let anyone get between us, friends or family (mostly mine). I mean if you’re somebody’s other half, a third person just can’t fit into the whole… The fraction just doesn’t add up correctly. 

     Yes, I’m living the fairy tail dream. I’m not a princess. He’s not a prince, exactly. We aren’t rich, but we aren’t starving or sleeping outside either. We have luxuries, like school, a few nice things, a car that will get from A to B, food, and a place to sleep. But our biggest luxury is having each other. I want the best in life for him, and he wants the best in life for me.